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All of the content on, and Doverge websites are copyright of David Rankin. Please don't use any of my work without my concent or knowledge. This website has been created, developed and designed by myself as well.


Important Terms

"Confidential Information" - any information which is proprietary to the User for which Doverge Photography has not obtained any right of use, distribution or publication and with regard to which the User may suffer loss or adverse consequences, to the exclusion of rumours, gossip, official information and information requested by government policy or law, information which is already in the public domain, information not obtained from the User, obvious facts, statistical or readily ascertainable data and fair assumptions.

"User" - any person, being a physical or artificial entity, accessing information via the web address and or in one way or another coming into contact with information and/or images posted onto the internet or distributed by other means by Doverge Photography for purposes of this website. Such person may be a mere viewer, a supporter and/or a client of Doverge Photography.

Information Policy

Doverge Photography is committed to ensuring that the privacy of its Users is protected and should any user be required to provide certain information by which he/she can be identified when using this website, he/she can be assured that such will be done in accordance with this policy and the information so obtained will be treated as strictly confidential unless such information is not of such nature or the consent of the user has been obtained.

With regard the use of Confidential Information Doverge Photography: Unless a User expressly requests otherwise, Doverge Photography may contact Users via email in the future to tell them about promotions, specials, changes to products and/or new services. In such event, a User will have been added to the mailing list, but can easily unsubscribe at anytime by following the directions provided and will not be subscribed again once his/her name is removed from the list.

No information is gathered about Users while they are visiting this website other than standard statistical information such as IP address, domain name, browser type and pages viewed. This non-identifiable information is used to evaluate site traffic and usage patterns in order to improve the website.

Third Parties

This website provides links to other sites which are independent from Doverge Photography. Doverge Photography does not partner with any advertising server companies. Doverge Photography is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of any websites to which links are provided on this site and it is advised that Users review the privacy policies of these sites to understand the impact of providing information to them.

Assumption of Risk

By becoming a User, you are agreeing to accept this privacy policy as well as the Terms of Use and are aware that our policy may change at any time.

This policy is always available online for anyone to read and Users are responsible for ensuring that they stay abreast with any changes and or developments in its content when tendering Confidential Information to Doverge Photography to avoid any adverse outcomes.

Users not complying with the Terms of Use understand and agree that any information they provide to Doverge Photography may be used to their detriment to remedy or diminish their defiance where it is in the public interest to do so.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the privacy or security of this site, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email.

Terms & Conditions


This document governs your use of our website and any of our affiliate and subsidiary websites (“Sites”); by using our website, you agree to all the terms stated herein in full. If you disagree with any part of this document, do not use our website. We reserve the right to modify these terms and to alter any information posted on our Sites at any time, at our sole instance and discretion. By using our website, you agree to be bound by any such new terms as may be implemented from time to time, whether or not you have reviewed them.

User's Rights

This website is developed and published by and for Doverge (“Doverge Photography”) and all persons accessing any information contained herein acknowledge that all such information is the sole property of Doverge Photography and that no user shall be entitled to, in any way alter, remove, publish, distribute any such information except to the extent permitted by law.

No user shall have any proprietary rights in respect of any data, information, graphics, photographs, downloadable items and articles displayed and/or posted on our Sites and Doverge Photography reserves the right to update, dispose of, alienate and or alter any of the contents of its Sites and no user shall be entitled to a claim for any damages for any harm or loss suffered as a result of Doverge Photography exercising its rights in terms hereof.


This website contains information on our products and services. All the data uploaded on our Sites is for awareness and educational purposes ONLY and nothing contained herein shall be interpreted as or deemed to be an instruction or mandate, express or tacit, to any user of our Sites.

All information presented shall be deemed to be true and correct as at the date of publication. However, we give no warranties in respect of the general accuracy hereof, nor do we warrant that such information shall be adequate or sufficient for your requirements. You are advised not to make any assumptions with regard to the contents of our Site.

You may not exploit or utilise any item on our Sites for personal gain, whether such gain is monetary or otherwise, and you are forbidden from representing our website as containing or providing anything other than that which is actually contained, irrespective of whether such false representations are in the public domain.

Restrictions on Use

Doverge Photography is for use by the general public and no special permissions will be granted to any person(s) for any special access or advanced viewing right unless such is required by law or agreement. Interfering with the source code, programming, hosting development and/or any technical elements of this website is strictly prohibited.


Although Doverge Photography may provide links on its Site to other web destinations which are not developed or published by Doverge Photography, we give no guarantees in respect of the accessibility of such destinations, nor do we claim to know or agree with any concepts, message and ideas posted in these destinations. We make no commentary on the accuracy and appropriateness of the contents of any link so listed and following the links contained in our websites will be at the user’s own risk.

Developer's Rights

Doverge Photography reserves the right to apply, or to cause to be applied, any changes and developments as it may, from time to time, deem to be appropriate onto this website, including, but not limited to, changing the contents, changing the address, removing or relocating all or part of the information contained on this site, creating new links, uploading new data, revoking or changing any user’s access rights as well as altering the coding and design of this website, without first seeking the advice or consent of any other party and without giving notice thereof.

Limits on Liability

We accept no liability for any damage or loss incurred by any third party as a result of the actions of any person not acting under the express authority of Doverge Photography in connection with the use of our Sites, howsoever arising and by whosoever caused.

Access to this website is provided free of charge and use of any items, uploading and downloading of any data shall be at the user’s own risk. We make no warranties that any links or contents provided herein are free from viruses, malware or any other harmful elements, nor do we guarantee that any item or service shall be available on demand. We shall endeavour to maintain our Sites at a reasonable standard, but we shall not be liable for any failures or delays in this regard.


Notwithstanding that Doverge Photography operates in Scotland, this document shall be binding on all users of our Sites and we reserve the right to institute proceedings or to defend any claims in any competent court within any relevant jurisdiction where doing so will result in a just and equitable resolution of the issues in dispute.

Intellectual Property

All materials on this site are protected by copyright and intellectual property laws and are the property of Doverge Photography. Unless otherwise stated, you may only access and download the materials located on our Sites for personal, non-commercial use. Removal or blatant disregard for the copyright notice attached to any data found on this site may result in legal action taken against you.


“Doverge” means both Doverge & Doverge Photography. Reference to “we”, “us” or “the developer” bears the same meaning.

Where applicable, the terms “User” and “You” include any visitors of our Sites, and their attorneys, trustees, curators and duly authorised agents whenever it is reasonable and just to apply such wider interpretation in order to determine the context of a particular clause.

For purposes of this document, “information” means any information (irrespective of the format thereof) related to the Sites, including its business, technical or commercial systems, work, designs, know-how, trade secrets, products, clients (including former and potential clients), business methods, finances, marketing strategies, sales, management, legal issues, employees (including former, current and potential employees) and all record bearing media (inclusive of samples) containing or disclosing such information and techniques, and shall include any copies thereof or extracts there from displayed on this website. The terms “data”, “contents” and “items” has the same meaning.